GATS is launching soon

The Global Aircraft Trading System (GATS) will modernize, facilitate and address inefficiencies in the trading and financing of leased aircraft equipment.

Using advanced technology, a secure e-platform, and digitally executed standardized form documents, GATS will reduce time and resource burdens on lessees, lessors and financiers.

GATS will protect the rights of all parties involved, including and especially the lessee under the lease, through the use of advance requirements to any GATS transaction, including trades. These will need to be electronically confirmed as satisfied or waived by the protected party.

GATS will include a secure, live and searchable electronic ledger which records beneficial ownership, security, and related rights.

GATS is expected to go-live at 23:59 on 31 March 2020, with a simulated transaction period with live help desk expected to start on 1 March 2020.

Prior to 1 March, all information will be available on

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